Raised on rock-and-roll in a town just east of Los Angeles, Rick knew what he wanted to do when he saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. He wanted to be a Rolling Stone! Piano lessons as a youngster soon led to a love for the guitar but military service interveened.

A trip to South Texas with a fellow shipmate convinced Rick that Texas music was by far his favorite and he soon returned only to find that starting out in a “foreign country” was very difficult. Rick returned to Los Angeles and started playing keyboards with an electronic band in their own theater on Hollywood Blvd. When that run was over, Rick started playing bass guitar and soon found that bass was his instrument.

Holliday has played in rock bands, metal bands, new-wave bands, punk and variety bands. The 80’s saw Holliday form top-40 band The Wise/Guise, and he spent most of the 90’s with his C &W group The Diamond Creek Band.

Twenty or so years ago Rick brought his family to San Antonio and ended up living in the Hill Country, playing what he loves- Texas Music.

Holliday is well versed in Rock, Country & Western, Outlaw Country, Classic Rock, Blues and R & B. He has also played in Metal Bands, Punk Bands and Top-40 Bands  in Los Angeles and San Antonio.

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